The title says it all and certainly has some meaning behind it. Though this is only the 2nd Annual Manufacturers Month, make no mistake, the state of Arizona and its manufacturing industry is strong and formidable across our great country. More than 4,500 manufacturers make their home in the Grand Canyon State and growth projections show this is a key vertical to help grow Arizona’s economy.

As Arizona Governor Jan Brewer noted recently, “Increasing the capabilities and capacity of Arizona’s manufacturers while attracting the skilled workforce they need is essential for the birth of new industries and continued innovation of Arizona’s economy.” All of us at CKS Advisors couldn’t agree more and we’ve taken this cue with great results for clients as well as organizations tasked with implementing this growth.

Earlier this summer, we were approved as an Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) qualified vendor to provide consulting services related to manufacturing. What does this mean? CKS Advisors is seen as a leading specialist to assist manufacturers currently in our great state with guidance and direction towards prosperous futures. RevAZ is Arizona’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center created through a partnership between the ACA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and its goal is to become the central resource for technical assistance and all things manufacturing for Arizona’s existing community of small and medium-sized manufacturers. It’s RevAZ’s program that we’ll be working very closely with.

We champion value creation and growth by utilizing strategic value assessments and planning and are very pleased to have the backing of ACA to bring this expertise to Arizona manufacturers. If you know a manufacturer here in Arizona, or for that matter, anywhere in our great country, have them contact us to see how we can help them with a full assessment.

Joel Strom, Managing Partner