Nearly 5 years ago, CKS undertook a client project that resulted in a long-term assignment for Joel Strom. Under a management contract with a Scottsdale based technology manufacturing company, Joel served in a role as their CEO.

In that role, he successfully took a company that was literally on the edge and, by applying the CKS principles for accelerating a company’s Strategic Value, he led that organization through a remarkable transformation.

Joel created a world-class leadership team, shifted the company’s mindset to be forward-looking in the digital age, and developed and implemented innovative and comprehensive go-to-market and operational excellence strategies. The result was securing it’s place as world leader in its industry, culminating in being awarded the 2019 Arizona Manufacturer of the Year Award by the Arizona Manufacturers Council.

With the successful achievement of the goal, he turned the reins over to his successor and is now back in his role as the leader of the CKS Advisors Value Creation Advisory Services practice. In this role, as he has for his entire consulting career, Joel’s focus is on helping client companies grow successfully and maximize their enterprise value. By applying his proven Value Creation programs, his clients gain the many benefits of accelerating their Strategic Value.

We are excited to have Joel back in the CKS office and encourage you to reach out to him. Find out how he can help your business exceed expectations and ensure your and your family’s future. Don’t wait because, as many of his clients have learned, there is never a wrong time to maximize your company’s Strategic Value.


Contact Joel:

( o ) 480-909-4276

( c ) 602-377-1383