Creating Strategies and Tactics to maximize enterprise value and become a “Got to Have Company”™, Financial restructuring when the business is underperforming and needs direction.

Winning Transition Strategies

  • Whether your transition is months or years away, it is never too early to start maximizing the value of your business.
  • We become part of your team, collaboratively working with you to identify goals and objectives, fostering strong relationships paving the way to maximize your shareholder value.
  • Not a transaction, a game plan for success, we are not simply interested in an immediate transaction. We understand what both financial and strategic buyers are seeking and as part of our Value Creation Consulting practice, we work to maximize the return to our Clients in the transition of their business.

At CKS Advisors, we don’t just get you a field goal, we help score a touchdown,
getting you the most value for your business.

The CKS Signature Blue Print of Success – How We Are Different

We implement our proprietary Strategic Value Assessment™, Strategic Value Acceleration Roadmap, and Value Continuation Program™ as a formula for success for our clients.

  • Growth goals and objectives developed through our Proven Value Creation processes that are designed to help businesses succeed
  • Collaborative approach and consulting with your trusted advisors such as accountants,  attorneys and wealth advisors
  • Customized engagement to specific client circumstances

Business Value Creation

  • Strategic Value Assessment
  • Value Drivers Determination/Development
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Interim CEO/Leadership Roles
  • Advisory Board Creation


Move your company from simply a nice to have business to a “Got to Have Business” ™.

  • It should never be just about growth – it needs to be about growth that maximizes enterprise value and thus ownership wealth.
  • We have demonstrated in company after company that Creating Strategic Value maximizes its’ market value and a business owner’s options and peace of mind.
  • Our goal is to help every Client create sustainable strategic value. When a business has achieved its “Got to Have” status, its value goes well beyond normal market metrics.

Maximizing Your Company’s Strategic Value  

Whether you are considering a liquidity event in the next 12 months or not for another 12 years, NOW is the time to maximize your company’s Strategic Value.

  • Increase current income
  • Create options
  • Protect your investment

We also provide our Clients help with:

  • Family business and succession plans
  • Organizational development and restructuring tools
  • Creation and facilitation of advisory and corporate boards


Financial restructuring when your business is underperforming and needs direction

CKS Advisors has extensive experience working with businesses in distressed situations. We work with company management, owners, guarantors and other company professionals to:

  • Develop focused financial objectives
  • Create reality based alternatives for evaluation


CKS Advisors provides the following services to creditors, debtors and equity holders of companies in financially distressed situations:

  • Turnaround strategy development
  • Rightsizing the business and/or changing its overall business plan including divesting corporate assets
  • Renegotiating existing debt and/or raising additional debt or equity capital
  • Devising and implementing new capital structures
  • Formulating and negotiating workout plans
  • Guiding companies through the Bankruptcy Code
  • Providing interim management

Our Process includes:

  • In-depth analysis of the situational facts including evaluation and analysis of the historic and current state of company
  • Developing cash forecasts
  • Go-forward performance models to establish a realistic fact pattern for evaluation
  • Restructuring of existing financing
  • Consensual agreements through active negotiations and financial presentations
  • Development of negotiating strategy and information flows
  • Participation in the negotiating process, if requested

CKS Advisors has significant experience in this arena as a creditor, advisor and as active restructuring officers. If considering Bankruptcy, here is how CKS Advisors can help.

  • The preferred alternative is always to avoid litigation in any form including a bankruptcy re-organization
  • Bankruptcy is an expensive and unpredictable process that is not appropriate for all situations
  • Chapter 11 is not a universal solution and it is not a process for those that are faint of heart, short of cash or seeking a quick or predictable outcome.
  • Chapter 11 can be a very effective strategy to resolve disparate agendas, disputes and to affect major business model changes; (i.e. like assets sales, contractions or business divestitures)
  • CKS Advisors can accelerate the time through bankruptcy and assist your company in navigating around the common issues that make the process more difficult