Value Creation Advisory

Creating Strategies and Tactics Designed to Maximize Enterprise Value and Become a “Got to Have Company” ™.


  • Designed to Maximize Value – Whether your transition is months or years away, it is never too early to start maximizing the potential value of your business.
  • Chief Value Officer – We become your CVO, your Chief Value Officer collaboratively working with you to identify goals and objectives, develop a value creation plan, and assist in the implementation of the plan to help maximize your shareholder value.
  • Tailored Strategy – We are not simply interested in an immediate transaction, but a game plan for success. We understand what buyers are seeking and as part of our Value Creation Advisory practice, we strive to ensure that we help create a company that meets those requirements.

At CKS Advisors, we don’t just try to get you a field goal, we help score a touchdown, seeking the most value for your business.

The CKS Signature Blueprint of Success – How We Are Different

The CKS Signature Blueprint of Success – Our proprietary Strategic Value Acceleration Process™ includes our Strategic Value Assessment™, Strategic Value Acceleration Roadmap™, and our Value Continuation Program™.

  • Growth goals and objectives developed through our Value Creation processes are designed to help businesses succeed
  • Collaborative approach, consulting with your trusted advisors such as accountants, attorneys, and wealth advisors
  • Customized engagement for specific Client circumstances

Business Value Creation

  • Strategic Value Assessment
  • Value Drivers Determination/Development
  • Family and Business Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Interim CEO and Leadership Roles
  • Advisory Board Creation and Facilitation

Move your company from simply a nice to have business to a “Got to Have Business” ™.

  • It should never be just about growth – it needs to be about growth that maximizes enterprise value and thus shareholder equity.
  • We have demonstrated in company after company that Creating Strategic Value helps maximize enterprise value and a business owner’s options and peace of mind.
  • Our goal is to help every Client create sustainable strategic value. When a business has achieved its “Got to Have” status, its value can go beyond normal market metrics.

Increasing Your Company’s Strategic Value

Whether you are considering a liquidity event in the next 12 months or not for another 12 years, NOW is the time to maximize your company’s Strategic Value.

  • Strive to increase current income
  • Create long and short term owner options
  • Protect shareholder equity for you and your family